Toyota Supra concept looks like a daring black diamond

Toyota Supra concept looks like a daring black diamond


The body of this sports car gets dozens of sharp edges, reminiscent of the fine work of a jeweler. So those who find the appearance of the original Toyota Supra A90 a bit boring can take a closer look at this alternative design.

Toyota Supra A90 sports car thanks to the efforts of Flat Hat 3D Studio received a very spectacular exterior, which instantly attracts attention and remains in the memory for a long time. The faceted body of the sports car resembles a jewel that has been in the hands of a jeweler.

True, there is little elegance in it: it is replaced by brutality and power. This is exactly what the next Batmobile might look like. Sharp corners in the exterior may remind many people of the Tesla Cybertruck electric pickup truck. However, the creators of this sports car were inspired by a completely different car: the World’s most expensive karlmann King SUV, presented by the Chinese company IAT a few years ago.


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There’s not much left of the original Supra here: the shape of the hood and the slightly pointed nose. The headlights gave way to elegant led blocks, and the wheel arches became more massive and acquired a quadrant shape. Visually, they are well combined with off-road tires.

The rear of the concept consists of geometric headlights connected by an led strip.

But the slightly “humped” roof resembles Elon Musk’s pickup truck.

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