Toyota SUV for $ 8,000

Toyota SUV for $ 8,000


Toyota iQ SUV reaches a little over 3 m in length. It has a huge ground clearance and excellent cross-country ability.

The miniature city car Toyota iQ has been turned into an extreme SUV. The custom car was built by American tuner Eric Storz. This is reported by the Carscoops website.

The body of the Toyota iQ (more precisely, its American version, which was sold under the Scion brand) was installed on the chassis of an old 2000 Suzuki Grand Vitara. Since the SUV is 4135mm long and the iQ is a meter shorter (3051mm), the frame had to be cut 445mm between the axles and 406mm in the rear overhang.

In addition, the ground clearance has been increased to 275 mm and 17-inch steel wheels with off-road tires are installed. Additional diode optics appeared in front.

The interior is mostly from the Toyota iQ, but the center console was borrowed from Suzuki. Also under the hood it was possible to place a 2.5-liter V6 from the Grand Vitara. It develops 157 hp. With. and is paired with a 4-speed automatic transmission.

All-wheel drive is complemented by a transfer case with a reduction gear. The car demonstrates excellent off-road ability.

Toyota iQ tuning took 90 hours and cost Eric Storz, along with the purchase of a car, about 7500-8000 dollars. After completion of the work, the smallest Toyota SUV has already covered about 8000 km.

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