Toyota taught Mirai and Lexus LS to drive independently

Toyota taught Mirai and Lexus LS to drive independently


On April 8, Toyota presented in Japan a new Advanced Drive semi-autopilot system – the first to receive it were the flagship Lexus LS500h sedan and the Toyota Mirai hydrogen car. She is able to drive a car without human intervention and copes with most traffic situations.

Advanced Drive is able to keep a vehicle in a lane, maintain a distance to other cars, lane and overtake. To start your trip, you just need to set your destination in the navigation system.

If the system determines that there is a potential for a collision, it warns the driver using a color indicator or head-up display and a buzzer. If there is no reaction or a high level of danger, the automatics will apply emergency braking or an attempt to steer.

In terms of hardware, Advanced Drive differs from the company’s earlier systems by the presence of an additional front camera and lidar. Millimeter-wave radars and a stereo camera are still in use. Microchips from NVIDIA and Renesas are responsible for processing a large flow of information. Over the air updates are supported.

Advanced Drive is an SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers) level 2 autonomous driving system. This means that the driver still has to keep a close eye on the road and not be distracted for long.

Note that in March 2021, rival Honda Motor introduced the third level autopilot system. The updated Honda Legend sedan became the first car in the world with such advanced automation.

It is also worth mentioning that Tesla’s famous Autopilot belongs to the second level of autonomy according to the SAE classification.

Lexus LS500h with Advanced Drive in Japan starts from 16,320,000 yen (approximately $ 148,800 at the current exchange rate), Toyota Mirai – from 8,450,000 yen (approximately $ 77,000). Both sedans will be available to customers in April.

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