Toyota to lead Land Cruiser 300 to Dakar race

Toyota to lead Land Cruiser 300 to Dakar race


In 2023, the Toyota Auto Body division will bring a car based on the Land Cruiser 300 to the Dakar rally. Recall that a new generation SUV was presented a few days ago. The model for the rally will perform in the Production / T2 class, where cars are used as close as possible to the production models.

The Land Cruiser 300 will be used by the Team Land Cruiser Toyota Auto Body, which has been successfully participating in the outgoing generation of SUVs under the “200” designation for nine years and has repeatedly won its class.

At the moment, Land Cruiser 200 is participating in the rally in almost completely factory version. Only a roll cage is installed on the SUV and unnecessary interior elements are removed, as well as an additional fuel tank, snorkel and double sport shock absorbers are installed.

In this case, the frame, engine, transmission and other components and assemblies are not modified. In this state, Japanese SUVs easily pass the entire track.

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