Toyota to revive MR2 coupe due to the Porsche


The Japanese company may be planning another large Alliance for the sake of creating another “old-new” sports car.

On account of Toyota already has a partnership with Subaru, which resulted in the appearance of the GT 86 coupe – this dvuhdverka consider the ideological successor of the famous “hachiroku”. The collaboration with BMW has given to the world the new generation Toyota Supra. The Japanese have repeatedly hinted that the famous in the last century mid-engine coupe MR2 is also a good idea to revive.


At different times there were different versions of how this can be done – from building the electric version to another Association with Subaru. Meanwhile, the chief engineer of the project of Supra Tecua Tada, it seems, has set a new vector for the next wave of rumors. In an interview with AutoIndustriya he said that to help in the construction of the fourth generation Toyota MR2 could… the Porsche company.

We can’t be sure that it is not a kind of joke from the famous Japanese. On the other, given the willingness of Toyota to the various alliances for the sake of reducing development costs and vast experience in Porsche build a light mid-engined sportscar that may very well be true.

Earlier it was reported that the Toyota is the extension of influence on the model line from the brand GR: charged modifications from Gazoo Racing can get almost all the global brands, from the Yaris to the Hilux. The planned expansion expects family and the Toyota Supra.

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