Toyota took up electric cars

Toyota took up electric cars


Toyota Motor company has announced the debut of a new electric crossover for the European market.

At the moment, the Japanese automaker does not disclose any technical details about the “filling” of the future crossover on all-electric traction, which will be focused on the European buyer. So far, the company has published only a teaser image of the new product.

According to the European classification, the new Toyota electric crossover will be classified as a mid-size SUV. It will be based on the modular e-TNGA chassis, which has the versatility and ability to create machines of different types and classes based on it.

Also, the e-TNGA platform involves the development of cars with different types of drives: front, rear and full. In addition, it allows you to equip the machines with engines of different power. The advantages of the new architecture are also reduced time spent creating new models and the ability to work on multiple machines simultaneously.

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