Toyota will build its own hydrogen city

Toyota will build its own hydrogen city


Fukushima Prefecture and Toyota Motor Corporation announced today that they have begun negotiations with various partners to build a city for a new future that will use hydrogen and technology from Fukushima Prefecture.

To further promote reconstruction, Fukushima Prefecture focuses on hydrogen, a new form of energy, and is committed to building one of the first models of a hydrogen society of the future.

Isuzu, Hino and Toyota are committed to carbon neutrality and want to contribute to the construction of the new city of the future in Fukushima through a partnership of the three companies. Therefore, the Fukushima Prefecture government, Toyota and their partners will create a model for selling hydrogen to supermarkets and stores, which play the role of both critical urban infrastructure and evacuation zones during natural disasters. They will first build an implementation model for a city with a population of 300,000 and then begin the task of applying the model to cities of similar size across the country.

The City of the Future Model will use hydrogen as its primary source of energy, produced at several facilities in the prefecture, including the Fukushima Hydrogen Energy Research (FH2R) Field. In addition, in response to the needs and challenges faced by the city of Namie, where FH2R is located, and other regions of the prefecture, Fukushima Prefecture, Toyota and their partners will use hydrogen-powered field and medical vehicles and use hydrogen in stores and factories in Fukushima Prefecture. to reduce carbon emissions in the supply chain.

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