Toyota will create the successor Mark X and Crown jointly with Mazda

Toyota will create the successor Mark X and Crown jointly with Mazda


Japanese automaker Toyota once again thinking about cooperation with another brand for the resurrection of the once-iconic models. This time the choice fell on the fellow, the company Mazda, which will help to build a rear drive platform for successor Mark X and Crown.

Cooperation between these two companies is not new, but this time it is really about the joint development and not the replacement of a nameplate on the Mazda logo Toyota ready car – for example, there was an American Toyota Yaris, which is a complete copy of the Mazda2.

As writes Japanese site BestCarWeb, Mazda intends to develop not only rear-wheel drive platform, but the engines, and, according to the source, it is not just about petrol inline six, but the diesel unit.


Sedan Mark X stayed on the market for more than half a century, from 1968 to 2019. It was originally sold under the name Mark II – this car became a cult classic among the fans, making his name literally into a separate brand. For all time of existence of the model were changed 11 generations, just as with conveyors “Toyotas” has gone more than 6.5 million copies.

Toyota Crown – another survivor of the market, it is available from 1955 to date. Luxury full-size sedan for 15 generations, the last was submitted in 2018.

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