Toyota will halve the cost of electric vehicles

Toyota will halve the cost of electric vehicles


This will be achieved through new developments in the field of batteries, as well as changes in materials

Toyota intends to radically reduce the cost of electric vehicles, according to

A few days ago, the company outlined steps to achieve this goal. It is reported that the main bet will be on batteries. The manufacturer intends to invest $ 13.5 billion by 2030 on the development of new batteries.

Advanced batteries are already in development and will soon be equipped with promising electric crossovers bZ4X, which will debut in 2022. At the same time, the main task will be to reduce by 30% the energy expended per kilometer of track. In theory, this would allow making batteries with lower capacity, thereby reducing the cost of the entire machine by the same 30 percent.

But this is not the limit. Toyota’s global goal was to reduce the price list for electric vehicles by exactly half. The remaining 20% ​​savings are planned to be achieved by changing the design and materials of the batteries. And the most interesting thing is that it will stop the general degradation of batteries. According to the estimates of the Japanese, over ten years of using such models, the power reserve will decrease by only 10 percent.

In addition, the brand will get serious about introducing solid-state batteries to its cars. Thus, it will be possible to dramatically extend the life of electric vehicles. However, even the approximate timing of the introduction of these technologies is not named. So far, this is an expensive pleasure and the company does not intend to take risks. This is especially true ahead of Toyota’s global plan to achieve a 40% sales share of its vehicles in the US market.

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