Toyota will launch its own software platform

Toyota will launch its own software platform


Japanese manufacturer Toyota Motor Corp intends to launch its own operating system by 2025 that can handle complex operations such as autonomous driving for its cars, Nikkei reports.

Software plays an increasingly important role in modern vehicles, from controlling electric motors and batteries to supporting functions such as autonomous driving, entertainment, and navigation.

An automotive software platform called Toyota Arene will compete in the market with German solutions from Volkswagen AG and Daimler AG. At the same time, Volkswagen is working on its own software called VW.OS, and Daimler intends to release its own Mercedes-Benz Operating System platform for its cars by 2024.

Japanese manufacturer Toyota plans to install the operating system on its vehicles by 2025, and in the future intends to make it available to subsidiary brands such as Subaru. It also notes that the Toyota brand is considering a licensing model to make the Arene platform available to other car manufacturers and companies working on electric or self-driving cars.

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