Toyota will make land Cruiser J40 eternal car

Toyota will make land Cruiser J40 eternal car


The Japanese will resume production of parts for the legendary frame SUV Land Cruiser J40, which entered the assembly line in 1960 and lasted there for more than forty years.

Toyota is actively expanding its proprietary GR Heritage Parts project. Its essence is that the automaker is resuming the production of spare parts for its classic models. Now the turn has come to the iconic Japanese “frame” Land Cruiser J40.

Until 1984, the SUV was produced in his native Japan. In Brazil, the 40th series lasted longer on the conveyor – until 2001. And here this SUV was known under the name Bandeirante. The first Brazilian-assembled Land Cruiser Bandeirante was released in 1959.

And until 1962, SUVs were assembled mainly from kits imported from Japan. Then all new models were assembled from auto components made in Brazil.

The brand plans to release rare parts for the Land Cruiser J40 from next year. Good news for the owners of old frame SUVs of the 40 series, who no longer have to look for analogs on the side.

Interestingly, the customers themselves helped to compile the spare parts catalog. Toyota surveyed Land Cruiser fan clubs to find out which parts they find most in demand. Most often, the elements of the engine, transmission and exhaust system were named.

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