Toyota will revive the production of parts for the old Supra

Toyota will revive the production of parts for the old Supra


In the framework of the project GR Heritage Toyota will revive the manufacture of spare parts for the Supra sports car in the back the A70 and A80. First on sale will be rare items that have no analogues and can be difficult to find.

For example, for Toyota Supra A70, which was produced from 1986 to 1993, has already confirmed the release of the driveshaft, door handles, fuel level sensor, seals and front label. For A80, hold on the market from 1993 to 2002, the first launch of lights, door handles and power brakes.


Sale want to start this year, but Toyota representatives have warned that in the course of production can be difficult, causing the start of sales will move to 2021.

The company is ready to expand the initial list of parts. For this we have a special form, where the owners of sports cars can specify which items to add to the range. Toyota will analyze these data and to start production of most popular parts.

This is not the first such initiative. In 2017, Nissan launched the Nismo Heritage program under which the plant again began to produce components for motor RB26DETT, which established a three-generation iconic Skyline: R32, R33 and R34.

In November 2019, a similar program launched Mazda. To help owners of the Roadster the Miata to keep their cars, the company began to produce accessories for the iconic model. In the list of available packages 42 positions from small plugs to body panels.

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