Toyota will stop the production of cars at five plants

Toyota will stop the production of cars at five plants


Toyota will suspend car production at five Japanese factories in January.

According to Reuters, the reason for this decision is a shortage of semiconductors, which is faced by almost all leading automakers around the world.

How long the pipelines will be idle is still unknown. Nikkei claims that downtime on the lines of enterprises will last from two days to a week.

This decision is expected to affect the timing of the production of about 20 thousand new cars. However, Toyota said that the suspension of production will not interfere with the global plans of the concern to release about 9 million vehicles in the next fiscal year (will end in March 2022).

However, analysts fear that such a downtime could lead to a shortage of Japanese-made cars at dealerships. As a result, customers will have to wait for the ordered cars for a long time. It can also lead to higher prices for Toyota cars.

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