Toyota’s “Eternal”: interesting warranty conditions, including used cars

Toyota’s “Eternal”: interesting warranty conditions, including used cars


Toyota is selling a new service approach in the UK that can extend the warranty period to 10 years. For this, only one simple condition must be met. There is information that the program is called Toyota Relax.

In accordance with the terms, after the buyer has serviced his car at an authorized dealer, 12 months or 10,000 miles are immediately added to the warranty period, which is about 16,000 km.

Thus, with constant service from “officials”, the car can be guaranteed for 10 years or until the mileage is more than 100,000 miles. It should be noted that this program also applies to cars from the aftermarket.

In addition, no matter what kind of owner you are – the second or the fifth, only after the car is serviced by the dealer, the warranty is renewed or extended by one year or 10 thousand miles.

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