Toyota’s head has become the most “humane” in the automotive industry

Toyota’s head has become the most “humane” in the automotive industry


The World Car Awards gives out awards not only to cars (in particular, in the framework of the World Car of the Year award), but also to individuals who have influenced the development of the industry the most. In 2021, a jury of 93 international journalists named Toyota President Akio Toyoda as such.

The head of the Japanese giant was praised for his actions during the crisis. It has managed to keep Toyota profitable amid the COVID-19 pandemic, thereby protecting jobs around the world.

According to the jury, under his leadership, the company was able to maintain composure during difficult times and maintain continuous development in the era of connected, autonomous and electric cars. Plus, Toyota Motor is going to build a smart and sustainable city in Japan called Woven City.

At the same time, Toyoda dearly loves cars and spends a lot of time on the race track as an active driver, which also turned out to be important for the judges.

“On behalf of all 360,000 Toyota team members around the world, thank you for this great honor! However, if you don’t mind, I would like to change this award from Automotive Person of the Year to Automotive People of the Year, because it is a collective effort of all our employees, retailers and suppliers around the world who truly made Toyota what it is. it is today! And I, for one, could not have been a more fortunate … or a more grateful CEO, “Akio Toyoda said in his response speech.

Toyota’s success in 2020-2021 is hard not to recognize. In particular, the company managed to maintain the pace of production, while others have to stop the conveyor due to a lack of microchips for automotive components.

Plus, at the end of 2020, Toyota Motor took first place in the world in car sales and for the first time in five years bypassed its main competitor, the Volkswagen Group.

Note that Akio Toyoda has been heading Toyota Motor since 2009.

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