TRACK BATTLE: Audi RS6 Avant vs Lamborghini Urus: Series 29

TRACK BATTLE: Audi RS6 Avant vs Lamborghini Urus: Series 29


No budget limits, no restrictions: what’s the greatest family car? Well Chris Harris thinks it’s the new Audi RS6 Avant. A practical estate with nearly 600hp to get Little Johnny to football practice very, very quickly. Paddy McGuinness disagrees though, and proffers the Lamborghini Urus for consideration. A ludicrously fast SUV with perhaps the ultimate badge for playground bragging rights. Well, let’s see what they’ve got to say then… Series 29: Geneva Online Motor Show: First Look: Want to watch a bit of on the internet? Welcome to the most comprehensive collection of official clips you’ll find on YouTube. Whether you’re searching for a caravan challenge, Ken Block in the Hoonicorn, cars versus fighter jets, Stig power laps or the latest Chris Harris Drives, you can find all the iconic films here.Want to share your views with the team?

right the ultimate family car can only be an estate specifically this estate the new audi rs6 event 92 000 angry looking pounds worth of big booted four-wheel drive practicality strapped to the back of a 600 horsepower twin turbo v8 rocket not to 60 a little over three seconds top speed 190 miles an hour wow little boost gauge flickers and then it just jumps so it’s stinking quick but stinking quick audi estate cars are nothing new now what’s new is this one’s actually quite good fun to drive there’s something inherently naughty about a car that’s shaped like this for carrying dogs and family and clobber that will do this what a weapon what’s a weapon ultimate family car you have to be an idiot to consider anything else the ultimate family car you say for me it’s got to be this the lamborghini urus yes folks lamborghini have done an suv and he’s the absolute business you see boxy estates are the old answer to the family car these days everyone wants an suv the urus might just be the most exciting suv ever made it costs 160 grand it’s packing 641 horsepower and as the italians say it goes like kaka off a baller oh it’s fast oh the hell of the car of this size and weight to perform like it does i mean the engineering on this thing is unbelievable it’s hogwarts level it’s magic look at it it’s an suv and it’s driving like a supercar there’s loads of room in it for your expensive family and your expensive dog i mean come on if you’re talking the ultimate money is no object family car this is the answer but since iris would have your spend gerard earned elsewhere wow that is just horrendous we fought it best to talk it out like grown-ups predictable boring before we get onto the cars what the hell are them on your feet those are style you literally look like that blocking accounts who thinks he’s a bit wacky by putting on pink socks that’s what you are today you’re an accountant with pink socks and you’re a stick car okay look first of all urus what’s an urus it sounds like an orifice mate it sounds like an exit hole listen it is a terrible name i can’t argue with that that’s the one thing i can’t argue also suvs in general are wrong they’re bigger than they need to be heavier than they need to be hang on a minute you sit too high the physics are all wrong i see a person going in the showroom buying an estate as someone in a grey suit with grey socks gray face gray oh is there anything that thing can do that this can’t plenty what you can see it’s a lamborghini great okay look we need to settle this once and for all and we’re going to deploy science now as these are family cars their primary function in life is of course the school run the average school run in the uk is 1.6 miles so with a few cones laid out to create a 1.6 mile handling course it was time to see which of our cars was fastest door-to-door quick question if home’s there yeah and school’s there yeah why are we driving all the way around there is it not just easier to walk across that’s why the ice caps are melting people like you unnecessarily journeys look at that straight across if i show you how it’s done do i have to not listen to any more great right off your part here we go okay three two one go off the line just goes like a lunatic oh that kicked off nicely from there with the agility that fool soon fast coming up to the chicane let’s have a look let’s quick through there so agile and fast oh listen to that god these faster state cars are so capable come on this would be a lively school run i think the children would now be chundering quite come hard and over the line no way mcginnis is beating that what do you reckon i have no idea have a guess one minute 20. are you psychic what is it one minute twenty yeah one minute twenty point two eight one minutes that’s the time to beat right you got done you get in your horrendous truck and try and beat that i’ve just been nice here i know just try giving a bit back okay i like your chile tried ready three two one go oh we’re going come on let’s do it for the suvs however many times you see it something that big and maybe going that fast is shocking first all the other parents in the rusties get out of the way it’s just a terrible looking vehicle isn’t it and i hate to say that they’re driven by terrible people come on oh this is not quick enough 15 16 17. iris has got me in the od i’m safe the honor of the state car has been saved oh he’s going to love this not god what do you think 129. no much quicker really 124.6 a surprise man for a man of your skills in a lamborghini that is that’s damn good thank you i’ll take that as praise two differences yeah lower center of gravity proper car truck and if you have these on you’d have gone a second quicker i’ll take the second slower thanks

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