Track current: the French cook “green” competitor Caterham Seven

Track current: the French cook “green” competitor Caterham Seven


Company Lesage Motors will produce 50 electric cars stuffed with Peugeot e-208

French startup Lesage Motors has announced plans to release a limited series of compact sports cars with both gasoline engine or with electric drive, according to the publication Petrolicious.

The automaker claims that the designers are inspired by the small open cars of the early twentieth century with motorcycle engines that died out with the beginning of mass production of Ford cars. However, we feel that the type, design and a General ideology of a newbie more like a British Roadster Caterham Seven in its base versions.

Both versions will receive units of the Peugeot 208. In the case of electric vehicles, called the 01E, it is the Peugeot e-208. From it the car will get a battery 50 kilowatt-hours, 136-horsepower electric motor, which will rotate the rear wheels. The promised reserve will amount to 340 kilometres.


The main advantage 01E will be a record low by the standards of electric cars weight of only 950 kilograms. The dynamic characteristics are not disclosed, but with this weight machine is going to be very fast.

The petrol version is even easier. She gets 1.2-liter turbo engine from the same Peugeot that produces 155 HP and will weigh only 650 kilograms.

Both cars will be collected manually edition of just 50 copies each. The manufacturer claims that each instance will be painted in a unique color and will get a unique finish materials.

Delivery roadsters 01 will start in 2021. 2023 the company intends to focus on the following models index 02.

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