Traffic tax!

Traffic tax!


The Donald Trump administration has blocked this project for two years.

The US Department of Transportation has approved the introduction of the so-called traffic congestion tax in New York – a collection from motorists for using infrastructure during peak hours or on the most congested roads.

The CFTS writes about this with a reference to Khmarochos.

New York adopted this plan back in 2019, and if it had been approved by the federal government, it would have been effective as early as January 2021. However, the Donald Trump administration has blocked this project for two years.

It is noted that motorists entering central Manhattan will be charged a daily fee.

This area will become the largest congestion tax zone in the United States. The tax is expected to generate $ 15 billion in revenue for the Metropolitan Transportation Authority over four years.

These funds will be used to develop public transport.

“Tax on congestion is a proven global practice to reduce congestion, increase the availability and reliability of public transport and improve air quality,” said New York Governor Andrew Cuomo.

Opponents threaten to sue, noting that the tax primarily hits residents in suburbs remote from the business center, such as Long Island, Westchester and New Jersey. They are the ones who find it harder to get to Manhattan without a car.

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