Transforming Ferrari with NO Windshield!

Transforming Ferrari with NO Windshield!


The ultra rare Ferrari Monza SP2 is one of the world’s coolest cars. Only 499 of these supercars will be made between the SP1 and SP2 and we got our hands on one in Dubai. Today Sergi takes a look around what makes this Ferrari one of the coolest cars in the world. Presenter: Thanks to: You can follow Supercar Blondie on:

behind me is one of the craziest ferraris ever made has no windshield no roof this is the ferrari manza sp2 you guys see this gray hair it’s from waiting i’ve been waiting to get my hands on this car forever i’m like a silverback gorilla you know but i have the silver in my head instead of my ass the most noticeable part of the car is the fact that it has no windshield and no roof instead what it has is like a virtual windshield you got to see this basically the wind flows in through here and bounces straight up and what you get is like an invisible wall that bounces thing got to see it from here because it’s like a natural windshield alright so the good and the bad the good is obviously it looks great total pimp when cruising down the streets the bad is that you’re more exposed to mother nature no windshield no problem am i right so by now you’re probably wondering how much does this car cost what i’ve heard from 1.8 million dollars to 2.5 million if you spend 2.5 million dollars on a car with no windshield you’re probably not struggling let’s put it that way so basically ferrari is launching five icona cars to kind of modernize iconic cars of the past right this is the sp2 the sp1 is basically the same thing with one seat i don’t exactly know why you would get one seat i guess it feels more unique but it’s a little bit less practical right they just launched the sp3 which is also a car that you know we want to get our hands on what you’ll see with this one is that it has that barketta shape right so barquet and italian means small boat it’s got the same kind of shape as uh you know the ferraris from the 50s so it has that super elongated front of the top it’s a modern retro car in a way right behind the headrest you have a little plaque little badge ferrari manza sp2 limited edition only 499 will ever be made between the sp1 and the sp2 these are the smallest stores i’ve ever seen on a ferrari and one of the smallest i’ve ever seen in any supercar for that matter and there’s no door handle i mean you’re paying like 2.5 million dollars you don’t get a door handle what i think this looks pretty suspicious right you know you own the car but you’re like kind of like looking around opening it from the inside you have that just pull pull there it is it comes up that comes out straight i mean that’s like a vertical door when we go inside first thing you’ll obviously notice is this splitter right like a carbon fiber divider like a barrier between you and the passenger obviously that’s probably for safety purposes they do leave a little uh a little hole in there in case you’re going like with a girlfriend or something you know you can hold hands pretty romantic all right so let’s hop inside i mean this thing’s pretty high up if you’re like above the age of 70 you’re going to struggle with this we’re still in our youth so let’s climb over without touching any piece of expensive equipment and this is not easy to be honest wow look my leg is like hanging up ibrahimovic owns one of these he’s like 10 feet tall i have no idea how he actually gets inside of this but once you’re right here it feels pretty cool it’s like a little little cockpit what you have is a nice little key holder which fits snug as a rug goes straight in like that you’re getting this see that it’s satisfying when it just fits in like perfectly that’s what she said rear view mirror obviously has nothing to attach to from the top so you have it right here just kind of dangling to be honest it looks a little bit fragile you have the wheel completely turned around let me see if i can just pre pre-do this no okay ready you’re gonna have to turn with me because the engine starts top is like this let’s press it oh yeah there’s your wheel we have sport mode race mode wet we’re gonna keep it on sport let’s see how it sounds naturally aspirated v12 there’s a little secret button it’s hard to see it’s very hidden let’s see if you can get that there it is they have a little secret button and you just pull that like that go to the other side this is super cool watch this all right help me out help me out that is awesome take a look at it from the front go to the front look at how crazy this looks this is super cool you look at the inside all of that is carbon fiber carbon fiber absolutely everywhere look at the detail right here that is awesome so this is a 6.5 liter naturally aspirated v12 produces 810 horsepower 0 to 100 and 2.9 seconds and we’re obviously going to test that out as well and i’m excited because when there’s nothing blocking you 2.9 seconds with no windshield you know what i mean let’s open everything up you can do the same in the back so you have a little button here pop the trunk and now this entire panel also comes up also carbon fiber this is awesome actually get a little shot from like the from the side i’m going to open everything up i mean look at look at this this doesn’t even look like a ferrari anymore it’s like a transformer a little transformer right let’s close things up all right we’re closing this down like that wait softly softly there you go click i think that it is time to put this thing on the road let’s do it this is all right hop inside let’s do this get it get it get it all right get in there you’ll see just how much fun it is to get inside but look what i like is you have a little windshield a little microscopic windshield that will protect you from pretty much nothing maybe a little bit of wind i don’t know about that virtual windshield man i have a lot of hair in my face let’s push it a little bit more wow i think you need a visor or like sunglasses to drive this because uh that little uh that little invisible windshield is not doing that much but it’s a lot of fun to drive until a pigeon flies out all right guys that’s it thanks to vip motors if you guys actually want to buy this car you can get it at vip motors in dubai and we’ll see you guys next time all right we’re out you

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