Transport in Kiev can enter only with a pass: how to get them

Transport in Kiev can enter only with a pass: how to get them


Quarantine in Kiev has become the cause of restriction of movement of people in public transport

Quarantine in Kiev because coronavirus is valid from 12 March. Now the restrictions for guests and residents of the capital have become tougher. It was initially blocked only the subway, but on 23 March, the local authorities decided to limit the rest of public transport.


Thus, the use of public transport is only available for the employees of the infrastructure of the city. Namely those who work in hospitals, in law enforcement, in grocery stores and pharmacies.

In addition, transport can make use of rescuers and experts, which ensure the functioning of housing and communal services of the city.

At the same time that all the others who really need a job or need to move to Kiev in acute need cases, can travel by private transport, taxi or transport organised by establishment or enterprise where the person works.

“Therefore it is not necessary tomorrow, the storm of public transport! He will work exclusively for certain categories of passengers!” – said the Deputy Chairman of the KSCA Nicholas Povoroznyk on his page in Facebook.

He also told us how to get special tickets for those employees that serve critical infrastructure of the city.


To provide their employees with speculate, business leaders need to contact the relevant departments of Kyiv city state administration (Department of health, the Department of housing and communal infrastructure, Department of industry and entrepreneurship development) or in the Directorate of civil protection, according to location – in district state administration of the capital.

“Departments and district administration and state authorities, local self-government, including appeals from the heads of enterprises, institutions and organizations providing activity of the country and the city of Kiev, will generate proposals for the required number of special tickets and passes them to the Department of transport infrastructure, which will ensure the issuance of special tickets to companies,” said the official.

He urged all leaders to think carefully about the number of people that really need in their jobs.

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