Trip to Sydney to drive McLarens!

Trip to Sydney to drive McLarens!


I’m visiting Sydney, Australia where McLaren organised a supercar breakfast and get to drive the 570s Spider and 720s. I’m making new friends with car collector @dammnn_batm4n and catch up with my sister Kate.Thanks to: @ian_davies_ & @arthurkekatos

what are you doing right now my name is our buggy so the buggies here so baby so basically you’re a beef or you have to go to be 19 and the driver recognized you as supercar baloney so he’s like you stay here because really far to go 15 gate meters 50 meters and we’ve been waiting now for 5 to 10 minutes 5 to 10 minutes for the driver to arrive to take us to be 19 and where you going we could already be there yeah where are you going but I gotta practice migraine wave where you going Darius days you’ve got new funky boy move on yeah what’s your name c’mon goom’s who are you transporting today super confident maybe gonna get my mic waiting I always used to want to like you got these buggies I’d be the play of walking by the buggy going through the hill gets these bumpers and that one be ten almost there what’s that tinnie hold on oh you made it mama your champion you’re back you’re the best moment thank you thank you mom I am about to head to Sydney Australia 15 hour flight we’re about to board right now whoo so we are gonna head to Sydney Australia I’m gonna be there for three weeks I’m meeting up with McLaren we’re gonna pick up with McLaren tomorrow drive your own CD with the 570s fire so I’ve just the car did they bench we’re here at the hotel and I’m just about to see all look there’s a crowd around it already I’m going get it in Sidney pearl to you last time I had a McLaren in Sydney was a few months ago and it would be only McLaren I saw in Sydney for the whole like four or five days apparently they are I’m just not going to the right places so we’re gonna go and have a look where we can find some other beauties tomorrow morning we’re gonna go meet up with a club here in Sydney apparently they just all get together on a Sunday morning for a bit of breakfast right now we’re gonna head and meet my little sister she lives here in Sydney and we’re gonna have breakfast to give us so let’s go we have to walk back to the breakfast place because obviously they don’t valet a battle a supercar please geez what is this country ah it’s total BS ah gonna meet my sister she’s actually way harder than Alex vici follow her yeah see where I get it okay show us your life you’re my bullying one barn Wow that’s cumin she doesn’t have any don’t worry about long yeah so when I’ve had enough like driving Supercross I’m crossing it on see down there good morning good morning so this is super early obviously for super calm on me yeah we are invited to a lovely breakfast that double way don’t think our 50 kilometers a day it’s up some planes may no flames in Sydney will get bent that was good Betty yeah let’s see oh let’s do better than that she’s pretty nice yeah are you Oh survival just went on a drive together and we ended up damn Batman’s house and the houses that we’re looking at right now this one to my right is worth over 50 units this one down there is almost 60 million dollars and we’ve got these incredible MacLaren’s out here and they’re Sydney Opera House mix to do Sydney Harbour Bridge it’s meant to be a lot hotter than this is the middle of summer it should be like 40 degrees but it’s actually really beautiful probably about what 28 just awesome so we’re gonna have a look at damn Batman collection there is there is damn Batman I think you forgot his Batman mask this is this is not live is it this is for YouTube no I want to see more about all right so we’re heading off to Bondi now one day rule iconic places I’ll be driving with her you know it brings it home so no one’s gonna fill up your petrol tank for you here that’s the thing in Australia and everywhere else in the world obviously you’ve got to fill it up yourself in Dubai you just pull up you can stay in the car someone comes running and they fill up the tank we this guy just passed us sweet guy sweet old guy he’s like does this can’t run on honey I mean this car gets a lot of attention here there’s nothing else like it obviously we were driving with two 720s but when we were with the group of guys today the super car owners that’s the only time I see supercars and then everything now it’s disappeared but back to reality I see comes gravity and he is the ticket challenge step one unbuckle step two open the door so you can do it you can do it she did it well done and this is the end of the wall again here in Sydney we’re heading out 15a now so please like and subscribe and we’ll see you on the next log

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