Triumph Rocket III set the record dynamics

Triumph Rocket III set the record dynamics


So far, none of the bike from Hinckley has reached 97 km/h (60 mph) so fast.

Cruiser in version R with the gigantic three-cylinder 2458-CC engine developing 167 HP and 221 Nm, was able to achieve “nearly one hundred” for of 2.73 seconds. I wonder what plant the record was set October 6, 2019 on the track in Spain, according to the publication Motorcycle News. For a no weight savings and improved aerodynamics of the bike removed the rear view mirrors and a Playground for the registration plate, providing a “hook” tires Avon Cobra Chrome.


The factory test pilot, superior dynamics, which was demonstrated in early February on the track in Leicestershire local pilot Bruce Dunn – he then showed “only” 3,17 seconds, noting that the cruiser could exit three seconds. According to him, the sportbike will not be able to accelerate as quickly because of its design features,they can just roll over when accelerating.

“Suzuki Hayabusa – one of the bikes that will always be the kings of acceleration up to 60mph It is quite heavy and is not a sportbike. Thanks to the powerful thrust at lower rpm Hayabusa, like new Rocket III is able to accelerate in 2.8 seconds” – he said.

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