Trophy-RAID “Roksolana Trophy 2019”: on competitions and training


In today’s world there are a large number of classes that are able to develop man and to bring him pleasure. With regard to the automotive hobby, one of the most popular is off-road. It is an occupation for this extreme. The owners of the SUVs – wheel drive vehicles, doing everything possible so that their transport was passable, powerful and multifunctional. To do this, add the various elements of tuning and complement your Arsenal of accessories.

Everyone has their own needs: someone professional sport, someone Amateur competitions, and someone of your travel or fishing. Today we will tell you about the sports competitions and preparation for them.

Off-road competition have the name of the trophy-RAID. SUVs at the time overcome difficult off-road areas. For this purpose, first and foremost, you need to take care of the protection – the security kit. Namely: bumpers, sills, and other denderah. In addition, to make the car passable, you need to replace the wheels and increase ground clearance. Do not forget about additional elements that will help to avoid problems on the road: the Jack rack, winch, extra fuel tank and a powerful battery. Safer than all of these mod – the closer the victory. All necessary equipment can be purchased from the sponsor Bezdor4x4 Roksolana Trophy 2019.

About the competition

Roksolana Trophy is a traditional off-road competition for Amateurs. For several years he spend in the beautiful city Rogaine, which is located in Ivano-Frankivsk region. Diperi from all over Ukraine come to compete for the Cup of Ukrainian terrain.

The races lasted two days. On the first day the participants were able to demonstrate how prepared your SUV. From morning to evening they traveled on a given route. The second day was very spectacular, because the crews had speed driving on a special area: sand and rocks. This race attracted 30 teams and even more spectators.

According to the regulations, the crew must consist of 2 people: the Navigator and the pilot. All participants were very well prepared, and the winners received valuable gifts from sponsors and store Bezdor4x4.

When you start training, the main thing to remember about safety and to choose the tuning only from trusted manufacturers and vendors.

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