Truck repair easier


The failure of the truck can occur unexpectedly and why it is always at the most inopportune moment. Do not worry – our cargo of one HUNDRED in Kiev “Will logistics” will always come to your aid.

Should call us at (067) 521 10 50 or (095) 165 21 22 or contact us via Viber or Telegram, and our Manager will help with solving the problems with your car.

Five HUNDRED trucks equipped with inspection pits, lift trucks, latest equipment and tools. The experience of the staff spans two decades and a huge number of refurbished trucks of all brands, as well as trailers and semitrailers.

What distinguishes a cargo of one HUNDRED Will Logistik from other stations:

  • Great experience. Long practice developed special technology and skills to the most complex repairs;
  • Truck parts are selected according to the VIN code or in accordance with computer programs only from reliable suppliers. Managers produce order, trying to minimize the delivery time, because we understand how precious time owners of vehicles;
  • Repair of trucks quickly and purposefully it is wiser to do after computer diagnostics of trucks (more information:, the result is immediately clear scope of work which details agreed with the customer. Another bonus – diagnosis for repairable cars we have is free!
  • The list of the performed service and repair work covers almost the entire range required for trucks, including engine repair of any complexity, chassis, Pneumatics and hydraulics, automotive electrician services, welding, body work, repair frames and coupling devices for trailers and semi-trailers and coupling devices, and this is not all of our services. The service work includes oil change, filters, fluids and other consumables.
  • We conclude a contract with a fleet owner for systematic maintenance and repair work, so convenient for us, because we have to work with already-studied mechanism, and customers don’t need to explain, because the problems of a particular machine known to us;
  • Our specialists continually undergo retraining, because the automotive industry does not stand still and we need to be aware of all innovations.

A cargo of one HUNDRED Will Logistik recommends not to delay the visit to the station at the slightest faults in the car, because timely diagnosis and early detection of minor damage is much more cost effective than running, like a snowball, a series of interconnected faults of parts and components, leading eventually to costly capital repairs, and replacement of large units of freight movement.

Your visit to us will help to preserve the technical condition of the truck, whether it is maintenance or repair work, do not ignore the needs of your cargo assistant in the business.

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