True Gladiator: a Jeep with the engine from Corvette

True Gladiator: a Jeep with the engine from Corvette


American firm So Flo Jeeps Jeep Gladiator turned into a frightening monster with six 38-inch wheels and red “eyes”-headlights. Brutality pickup adds a matte black color and completely redesigned front section. This Gladiator is equipped with a powerful motor from the Corvette and sold for 140 thousand dollars.

According to the authors of the project, Gladiator, the monster is built on an extended frame, has a wheel formula 6×6, ground clearance increased by 120 mm, and the suspension travel is 355 millimeters. Front and rear suspension was left unchanged, while the steering is finalized. There are two versions of the pickup: with “korytowski” 6.2-liter petrol engine producing about 500 horsepower or a diesel engine, which produces 300 HP. Prices start from 140 and 150 thousand dollars, respectively.


Among the optional equipment integrated into the front bumper winch, power tubular frame for the cargo bed, painted in body color, and down the steps. Special attention was paid to the tuners front of the truck, adding fiery red lights resembling burning eyes of the monster, a completely new hood with air intakes and a mesh radiator grille.

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