TRX turned into a home mammoth

TRX turned into a home mammoth


In January of this year, Texas-based Hennessey Performance announced a massive rework program for the new Ram 1500 TRX – Mammoth 1000. Three months later, the company unveiled another project on the same basis – the “king of SUVs” Mammoth 1000 SUV.

A new rear end with a large glass area has been developed for the car. Interior images are not yet available, but comfortable seating for seven adults and ample luggage space behind the third row of seats are promised.

Otherwise, this tuning project is similar to the previous one. As with the pickup, the SUV will receive, among other things:

  • boosted with 712 hp and 881 Nm to 1027 hp. and 1314 Nm 6.2-liter V8;
  • increased ground clearance by 2.5 inches;
  • new front bumper with additional lighting;
  • 20 “rims with 35” off-road tires.

Interestingly, for the passenger “Mammoth” the same acceleration time to 97 km / h is declared as for the pickup – 3.2 seconds. And even a drag distance of a quarter mile, an SUV should cover the same 11.4 seconds.

In this case, the SUV will be a much more exclusive and expensive product. If John Hennessy’s firm is going to build two hundred pickups at a price of $ 135,500, which is about twice what they ask for a donor Ram, then in this case we are talking about a circulation of only 20 units at $ 375,000 each. p>

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