Try Matt Watson on the role of lead in InfoCar.TV

Try Matt Watson on the role of lead in InfoCar.TV


It seems that Matt Watson from CARWOW was so impressed the channel that it was decided to delegate the translation of somen videos on it. It took Yaroslav, and here you have it: a test drive of the Bentley Continental Flying Spur, a luxury sedan with a 6.0-liter W12 engine and acceleration to first “hundred” in 3.7 s. If in this car you it will be important, of course.

But what really counts is your opinion about the idea CARWOW to translate onn language, as well as to give monologues of Matt a little more than our Ukrainian realities, leaving all the information about the car. We want to hear from you feedback, so write in the comments what you think about this idea. A Grand? Failure? Also, if you liked it, write to us, as you can see its further implementation.

And don’t forget to evaluate the work of Yaroslav as a translator. It is for this purpose a lot of time spent in the deep dark room, where not very comfortable and constantly need something to speak into the microphone. If the voice quality of translation? What we liked, what would you add and what to remove?

In short, waiting for your verdict. But in the meantime enjoy!

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