TSM Menter – Auto – the first of the company’s car dealer in Chevrolet affordable segment in Ukraine

TSM Menter – Auto – the first of the company’s car dealer in Chevrolet affordable segment in Ukraine


The 7th day of 2021 to the rock in Kiev, the urochist ceremony of opening the first in the Ukrainian dealership center of Chevrolet cars available to the segment of the TSM Inter-Auto company has been seen.

At the entrance there are representatives of the Chevrolet distributor available to the segment of the Ravon Motors Ukraine company, the official representatives of the TSM Inter-Auto company, as well as the Supervising and Emergency Ambassador of the Republic of Uzbekistan to Ukraine Anvarovich Kurmanov.

The hour of the presentation of the dealership center will sound the plans for the development of both TSM Inter-Auto and Chevrolet available to the segment in Ukraine as a whole. From his side, the Ambassador of Uzbekistan to Ukraine stands for a high level of preparation for a dealer center and an emphasis on respect for the presence of the presence on the high standard of quality of Chevrolet cars of the available segment, which are driven by the pressures of UzAuto Motors.

In the words of the director of the company TSM Inter-Auto Mykoly Operenka, the strategy of Chevrolet’s presence in the available segment in Ukraine has been broken up, allowed to put on the market one of the most beautiful propositions in a single brand value, which has created a serious budget for such a car segment. .

Autocentre pratsyu in 3S format – sales of cars, service to service, sales of spare parts in one month, offering a wide range of services for customers of Chevrolet cars of an affordable segment. Showroom and service station will run 7 days per week and there will be sales and servicing of Chevrolet Spark, Chevrolet Nexia and Chevrolet Cobalt cars.

The dealer center of the TSM Inter-Auto company opens its doors for the drive at the address m. Kiev, vul. Balzac 9. More detailed information about the dealer center TSM Inter-Auto on the site www.chevrolet-tsm.com.ua

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