Turkey’s Unseen Supercars ft. The Makina & Enes Batur

Turkey’s Unseen Supercars ft. The Makina & Enes Batur


On my final days in Istanbul, I’m visiting one of the best supercar dealerships (@yenikoymotors) in the city to pick up the DB11 V12 Aston Martin. We take the craziest supercars around the city. Before I leave we meet with my amazing fans at the Vadistanbul Mall and thanks to Turkish Airlines get business class back to Dubai.Youtubers:Enes Batur – The Makina – Thank you to Turkish Air (sponsored content)Meet & Greet – @Vadistanbul / @omarbahlol / @carsandcoffeeturkeyEvent Host: @erol.civanPersonal Security: @omega4omega @donauworth_leventagaogluBig thanks to: @tarhantelliMusic by:Indeed by Bldgs

we’ve got the police behind you mate I’m gonna lose it people got a speed us they’ve got the blue lights super careful on the ER thank you so much for watching please like the video subscribe to my channel if you haven’t already we’ve got some cool stuff coming up today breezy crazy stuff the best dealerships here in Istanbul and we’re about to go in and check out what they have and then they are giving me a crazy crazy car to drive around the city today I’ve been sued okay but it’s that one I wanted to try and make it mysterious but you blown that so there it is the DB 11 v12 uniquely the an eco mode along with every color in the skittles pack there huh just something like go through a couple of the prices because it’s crazy this one I love the colours thing huh yes skittles yeah so this one is secondhand and it’ll cost you about seven hundred thousand euros this Vantage this is new so they’re the official aston martin dealership so they’ve got new Aston ones the Vantage about five hundred thousand euro advantage Wow one for 580 missed on her on the street from us a hotel was about my eyes closed oh yeah oh yeah you didn’t see no we haven’t seen any no is this so expensive so expensive and that’s why I’m blown away with this dealership because I would have expected you know just a very small dealership maybe with two supercars okay you want to see a 1 million euro car actually not a car well he’s got a wheel so if you come in here just be careful for what you are if you come in here and you’re like I’ll take your most expensive and they’re like okay congratulations Algie go this is what you get diesel tractor these guys came to say hi they leave her in Turkey but they’re from Iran all of you from yeah yeah but now they live in Turkey and this is basically their second home this urge added physicality for China driven events and personal care dynamite so again whatever she said I like I need to come to guys this is albamar he kind of runs the place do you know this is something I love about assemble the people are so welcoming yes thank you so much baby 11 yes and this is the v12 right Martin Turkey is a beautiful interior colors not one thing I really appreciate appreciate about us Martin is the interiors it’s just so luxe so detailed do one two three go I almost got shadows what happened come on man did you see it yeah he almost got pooped on by there apparently that’s good luck yeah it’s good luck dudu sugars ceasing there are two DB eleven versions of v8 version and a v12 version this is the v12 version the v8 version actually has a Mercedes engine in it the v12 version has an Aston one engine so that’s what we’re driving right now it’s a v12 twin turbo with about 600 horsepower and the v8 version has about 100 horsepower less so we’ve got to please behind do you might I’m gonna lose it make them got a speed us they’ve got the blue lights gone what you do too bad for them isn’t it why don’t you do my you gotta lose them you lost me we lost them good work it is nice to meet you how are you so the car it’s automatic that you get to take it home they’re the rules Wow nice look at this body kit on it Mansoori oh oh yeah I’ve never seen a mentoring kid on this car before this is one of the best-looking four by four squares I’ve ever seen and it’s bravas – Wow interview like they’re cool streets like bothers me aha if you want you we go to bother Street then we go to sneer poor but I Street is where all of those cool houses are cool and it’s like junior when we take this we take this stick all of them yes why not crazy Israelis on extreme here very vents Allah you stay calm be honorable okay thank you I wish I knew what was going on you know I’m about to have no idea it was asking how did she write this car how do I do yeah yeah yeah I just steal them yeah thank you my face organizing vulgarized salmon you are dimensional cameraman what is this module imagine I’m gonna show them my new pupil paint design that Lucy’s in for right now are you ready Charlotte this is Lucy yeah oh my god azam Duggan yeah you like married yeah yeah your boyfriend they look so cute together for this car you pay $1,000 per horsepower bakit Unicoi motors big big thanks to them for the DB 11 today and for all of the people today who took time out to come and film with me it’s been awesome special thank you to Borah for organizing everything today you rock your hospitality has been amazing please make sure to go and subscribe to his channel his link is in the description oh my god you guys ready oh my goodness what happened I don’t know last night I came over I started getting fever and then pull your glasses off no I woke up this morning just like totally swollen I’m not feeling awesome today we have planned a meet-and-greet in the mall and we don’t really know how many people to expect so we’ve got fury with us the last few meet and greets have been awesome but quite overwhelming with the number of people just trying to like squishy Annan and get a photo he’s gonna help us kind of control the crowd it’s kind of weird like having to have a bodyguard it’s not really something I’m used to at all my calling is here discussion yes with my today consider bottom of it as AG community number maybe fusion hey guys oh I’m gonna get any now abandoned you know British America man’s and you look beautiful anyway I’m not usually one to weight loss with inside are you kidding Judy I attended to John very many talking with us on your bed it’s cause look at these cards be big thank you to all of the supercar as she stayed up super late laughing I think you were talking about the SLR just how expensive that is that’s like three million dollars just one car sitting here marcelles SLR bacteria usually kill me finish pointed like not physically possible to take a photo with all of you but I appreciate and love you so much for coming out thank you guys you guys are like a Muslim I know I wish I could show you my face look thank you guys so much for coming off to Dubai we’re heading to the airport I’m just going to go to the doctor quickly sort this situation out a big big THANK YOU to tyrant Ellie who organized my security at the today wow that’s amazing popcorn machine so that cinema in here you’re watching animal movie in one of the thesis lounge can you find that sort of assortment man this lounge is expertise do you know how that works hands down it’s the best lounge we’ve ever seen of any business lounge around the world I must say and the cool thing is I gotta check I’ve never seen that before a ship actually in a ship beautiful serving you food so you ready chef yes I am Wow and we can order it different things or how does it work here yes no not here we have many and you can choose whatever you want three choices in the dinner I just think it’s cool saying a shot yeah I’ve not seen that in any other airline nice mate thank you I should start with the chocolate first rich Falklands just got back home and that’s what’s waiting out front 6×6 Bravo’s girl at least is on the way alex is still not feeling well I hope she’s going to be better tomorrow so please like this video and subscribe to the channel and Alex will be back very shortly good night everyone

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