Turkish Transit

Turkish Transit


Ford has confirmed that next-generation Transit Custom models for the European market, including all-electric and hybrid variants, will be produced in Turkey from 2023.

All versions of the next generation Transit Custom will be produced by Ford Otosan. It is a joint venture company in Kocaeli, Turkey. The new generation 1 tonne commercial vehicle from Volkswagen will also be produced in the same plant as part of the Ford-Volkswagen alliance.

“The next generation Transit Custom range, including all-electric versions, will strengthen Ford’s position as the # 1 commercial vehicle brand in Europe,” said Ford of Europe President Stuart Rowley.

Ford says all of its commercial vehicles will be fully electric or hybrid by 2024. However, he admits that not all commercial vehicle operators are ready to switch to it. As such, moderate hybrid versions of the new Transit Custom will also be offered in the interim.

The brand’s factories in Kocaeli will be transformed into Turkey’s first and only integrated production center for the assembly of electric vehicles and batteries.

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