“Turn back time”: a new, 90-year-old Bentley sports car

“Turn back time”: a new, 90-year-old Bentley sports car


Atelier Bentley Mulliner, which specializiruetsya on private orders, started assembling a test, “zero”, instance, pre-war model Blower. Last year the model was 90 years old.

That Mulliner will be engaged in reconstruction of the model, became known in 2019 – the representatives of the Studio announced that it will build 12 copies. To do this, engineers took apart one of the surviving examples of the 1929 and created an exact copy of all the elements of a sports car. All replicas will be collected manually.

In the first place in the Assembly hall brought the chassis on which was mounted the other nodes and details. The body is made from ash, then installed the fuel tank and the radiator. After that car, there were lights, as well as the engine with an exact copy of a supercharger that has developed between Villiers, front axle and leaf springs.

Now the company is completing work on creation of the test sample, its presentation to be held this year. After that, a series of 12 sports cars will be sent into production. The whole process of creating the model took the engineers almost a year. All future instances of the Blower already booked and immediately after the build will go to new owners.


Original Bentley Blower presented to the public at the London motor show in October 1929, and in the winter of the first copies went to their new owners. The car, which was conceived as an effective member of racing, have not had the desired success. Despite the fact that the Blower has set a speed record, which is two years no one could beat, to the finish he was getting rare. The main achievement in the race – second place at the French Grand Prix 1930.

Just, Bentley has released 55 copies of the usual 41/2 Litre Blower, but the racing versions with the supercharger was created only four. The most valuable of them – went on it sir Henry Birkin, and today owns a Bentley.

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