Turned into scrap metal: a terrible accident involving Tesla

Turned into scrap metal: a terrible accident involving Tesla


A resident of Puerto Rico posted photos of an incident in the local mountains on Twitter. The pictures captured a twisted Tesla Model S P90D electric car, the driver of which lost control and fell into an abyss from a high cliff. Despite the total destruction of the car, the owner of Tesla, by some miracle, remained practically unharmed, having received only a few scratches.

In the published pictures, rescuers are working near the electric car. In this regard, it is not known whether Tesla received such damage as a result of the fall or whether the car was already cut by emergency services. In any case, after hitting the ground, the electric car was destroyed and can no longer be restored. However, there are no signs of fire near the Model S, which indicates that the model’s battery was not damaged as much.

Despite the state of the electric car, the Tesla driver by some miracle managed to avoid serious injuries.

As a result of falling into the abyss, the man escaped with fright and several scratches on his arm.

At the end of September, two girls were unable to cope with a difficult mountain track, as a result of which their Ford Bronco Sport fell into a 120-meter abyss. Photos of the result of the fall of the SUV were published by the local sheriff.

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