Twice to the moon and back, or a Million miles in a Nissan Frontier

Twice to the moon and back, or a Million miles in a Nissan Frontier


For 45 years, Brian Murphy engaged in conveying goods in Chicago and adjoining areas. At first he worked in the enterprise, but 16 years ago, started to deliver on their own. And in 2007 he bought a Nissan Frontier. According to Murphy, he knew, what impact it million miles (if converted to kilometers, get 1 609 344).

Every morning, Brian leaves the garage at 5:45 am. His working tool is a pickup truck with single cab, King Cab, 5-speed manual transmission and rear-wheel drive. Under the hood is mounted inline four-cylinder engine capacity of 2.5 liters, an outstanding 177 HP and 244 Nm of torque. Not very typical for the industry pickups USA engine type.

Every 10 thousand miles Brian alone change the oil in the engine. For other repairs over 12 years was used the same official service Niissan.


And now time amazing facts: the factory clutch on the car lasted 801 thousand miles (1 289 000 km!), the timing chain was replaced with 700 thousand miles, the alternator and the radiator was replaced at approximately the same time – up to 450 thousand miles… it Seems that this Frontier was collected from special parts and a special love.

Driving Brian Murphy and now holds about 12-13 hours a day (except for on time shipment and receiving of new product). In a month he comes over about 6-7 thousand miles (although there were cases when people came and 10-12 thousand), per year – about 77 thousand (almost 124 thousand km).

In addition, for all 12 years that Brian skated on his Frontier, he never polzovalsya Navigator, and never received a fine for a traffic violation. How many of us can boast of such achievements?

To drive four times greater distance than that which separates our planet from the moon is quite an achievement! First and foremost, of course, for the car. There’s only one small problem. The odometer on the Nissan Frontier are designed only to six digits. It seems that Nissan’s engineers underestimated their capabilities. At least in this case for sure.

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