Two Bugatti Chirons & Private Jet!!

Two Bugatti Chirons & Private Jet!!


This is probably the craziest weekend ever! I’m staying in one of the world’s largest hotel rooms in Las Vegas, before taking a Private Jet back to LA where I get to drive with two Bugatti Chirons.Thank you @cococulture_Follow us by:Del – Random ChordsSumadat – Subatomik

otherwise it’s super go pon de and I’ve just arrived in Las Vegas whoo I’m kind of excited that’s my excited Jake you know in the feedback this is our pickup to the hotel that we are staying in you’re only do Vegas in one way that’s a stretch limo thank you this is all things we offer and then and banning in the best and like guys what you doing this weekend like really no come to Vegas of what you are but think you are what you’re gonna sweep go and see some shows and we’ll have a great time this is how to solve it which is half years and heading as tickets for our first show starts in like five now yeah so we’re gonna check in really there is Street this is certainly a different entrance here no no this is not the bedroom no this is the better yeah how do we find our way around this place well disobey room that’s about me out there okay this is your bathroom you won’t stay if you want we can just stay out of each other’s way we can have drinks with it good look at this look it is you can make where you here Wow like that Wow it’s amazing we all need more TVs in our lives like if you want like more surround sound you just call the engineer and evering like this big boom box speaker you plug it to the TV and then you just blast aroma you’re just gonna have an awesome Marty get to wild my god we lock the balcony doors because we’ll on the whitey jumping out late cause it seems like the time yeah way too much this place is humongous no bridge these paintings so this is like the VIP super super VIP we’re about to see one the world’s largest hotel rooms Wow this is where our friend is staying because he comes here all the time so they put it like this amazing absolutely crazy imagine just for one person it’s huge I spot a Bentley that’s too much luggage to fit in the mold song yeah that’s a lot of luggage get another car for luggage you know why we’re heading I know to take us back to my sentence start raising this is not really the airport for prayer for now this is a special airport some say Koko puja owns this airport we’re gonna have to have an escort I do Megan’s a oh did your eyes now yes separate our luggage team in Bentley sorry they brought us to poll separately voters for the luggage these three of us Coco cultures hiding check the rest now it’s plain Lanie’s masses like no chickie you just literally pull up right next to the play and they take your luggage for you and you just walk on them and go well if you have liquids you did check no awesome go let’s go seat belt forward a prime of jet oh yeah I didn’t think enough to do a seat belt oh nice yes thank you thank you check this out like this you just flick this switch here and then look at this starts moving you so you guys like oh my god that is cool that’s what I thought we’re gonna get one of those small planes not like a mansion see you in LA the very sir I’ll be hard flying commercial again never again never again so these days right Nico Kevin straight up to the pilot now I’m gonna ask you to do a bit of loops don’t see mommy can do like just you know like why not without every right one should we let him do a few hoops definitely will go-go-go you know sounds great all of this is thanks to quark yeah that’s how he gets around with a boss so what’s your name anything else I’m going to see the most incredible consolation here we are Wow here we got a shear I’m just waiting outside we’ve just gotten to Coco’s house Coco Coco Coco culture and he’s just handed me his Bugatti Chiron key and he’s just gone to find the key to his other Bugatti Chiron so that we can go for a spin because one Bugatti Chiron just isn’t enough really no I agree oh he got the extra option and what’s the extra feel not sure but the last year on we were in it didn’t work it was just a manual oh hello hello we just leave down there all right okay so it’s like a little place for Isaac yeah sure this is crazy guys crazy Amina’s Sheeran and I’m following a Shiro love to take this part someone I’m gonna squeeze through some tourists that’s quite a show many farmers on a tourist bus through Hollywood that’s exactly what I would have wanted to see to Sheeran’s can you believe we’re just on a private jet and now we’re driving around in a Cheryl I can’t it’s almost unbelievable that’s it guys I’m out please like and subscribe and we’ll see you on another blog some

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