Two exclusive M-series shows-cara from BMW

Two exclusive M-series shows-cara from BMW


BMW presented two exclusive demonstration cars. The BMW M3 coupe Ronnie Fieg Edition of 1989 and the modern BMW M4 Design Study were created together with the American brand Kith.

Both models were the result of a partnership between a Bavarian concern and the new York fashion brand Kith. The idea of creating exclusive show cars belongs to the head of the American brand, Ronnie FIGU, who handed over his BMW M3 in the E30 body of 1989 to German engineers for restoration using original parts. As a result of the collaboration, the German manufacturer gave the 31-year-old model the appearance of a new car, and also created a limited version of the modern M4.

During the restoration of the classic coupe got changed emblems-rondels on the hood, trunk and wheels. In addition, the classic model received a branded Kith steering wheel and a special leather upholstery with embossed monograms of the American company.

The exclusive M4 Competition, in turn, received a red body in the style of the E30 M3. The modern sedan is also equipped with the Kith nameplate on the trunk, logos of the new York fashion house on the headrests, and luminous emblems on the front seats.

The BMW M4 Competition coupe is equipped with an inline” six ” 3.0, which has a power of 510 horsepower and 650 Nm of torque. The car accelerates to a hundred in 3.8 seconds. The maximum speed is 290 kilometers per hour.

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