Two Ferrari over the Nissan Juke?!

Two Ferrari over the Nissan Juke?!


Yesterday it became known that the unique Nissan Juke-R put up for sale. Four specimens were collected by joint efforts of Nissan and RML Group. However, there is a fifth car which is now owned by the German company VDM Cars. It is now up and for sale. The main advantage of the “charged” SUV is its powerplant.

Under the hood the car hides a 3.8-liter twin-turbo V6 engine that is also installed on the Nissan GT-R. the efficiency of such power plant up to 700 horsepower. It is in honor of the powerful motor car got its full name – SVM Juke-R700. This machine also has a modified exhaust system and twin disc clutch. From the exterior, we note the front wheel arches, sills and a stylish double-spoiler on the tailgate.


For sale, a copy was finalized tuning Severn Valley Motorsport from the UK, and not Nissan and RML Group.

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So it is kind of unique. To withstand big overloads the SUV added a reinforced brake. The car set wheels with a diameter of 20 inches. Front rubber set with parameters 225/40 and 285/35 rear. For SVM Juke-R700 plan to gain a lot of money – car was estimated at 649 500 euros.

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