Two new VW Atlas in one 16-year-old Golf

Two new VW Atlas in one 16-year-old Golf


Almost new Golf R32 has found a buyer for an exorbitant price.

In the US, 16-year-old Volkswagen Golf R32 with mileage 2879 kilometres sold at auction for the price of two new full-size crossovers Atlas. For hot hatch in perfect condition rescued 62 thousand dollars – almost twice the starting price.

The “charged” Volkswagen Golf R32 2004 issue refers to the fourth generation of the model. Until February 2020 hot hatch was in the hands of one in Connecticut and drove a total of about 2,800 kilometers, but regularly carried out maintenance. Both inside and outside the three-door looks like new. Exceptional condition Golf documented.


Under the hood of the hot hatch a 3.2-liter naturally aspirated VR6 with a capacity of 240 horsepower and a torque of 320 Nm. The thrust is transmitted through a 6-speed “mechanics”, four – wheel drive 4Motion. Rich equipment: climate control, leather interior, aluminum lining on the pedals, sports front seats heated, 18-inch alloy wheels O. Z. and the factory audio system with CD changer.

Volkswagen has released for the American market 5000 Golf R32 the fourth generation, and in Europe, the circulation was not restricted, so that the relative rarity of the model. But excellent condition and good trades allowed the owner to gain for the hot hatch to 62 thousand dollars. For comparison the new Golf GTI in North America is 28.6 thousand dollars, and a full-size Atlas (Teramont) would cost $ 31.5 thousand dollars.

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