Two years of “freebies”: a surprise for the owners of Polestar 2

Two years of “freebies”: a surprise for the owners of Polestar 2


Polestar and Electrify America announced that Polestar 2 owners will receive free 30-minute charging sessions for two years after purchasing the electric vehicle.

Owners of Polestar 2 electric cars, and not only new ones, but also those who made a purchase earlier, can count on a bonus from the automaker and its partner. Polestar and Electrify America give customers free recharging: 30-minute sessions for two full years. With such a nice gift, owners of electric cars can save on charging.

Charging will be offered through Electrify America, and users will be able to search for the company’s charging stations through its own app. This is not only a convenient search, but also the possibility of contactless payment.

“At Electrify America, we are constantly challenged to move the electric vehicle industry forward,” said Giovanni Palazzo, President and CEO of Electrify America.

Earlier, Polestar announced that its electric vehicles will receive a wireless update that includes the Range Assistant app.

The app will allow drivers to track their range and help them optimize their driving experience. This approach will help electric cars to travel more kilometers on a single charge. The most affordable Polestar 2 with a 78 kWh battery and a range of 426 kilometers costs $ 47,200. Such an electric car receives one electric motor with a capacity of 231 hp. and 336 Nm of torque.

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