Typhoon in Japan has killed 50 supercars Ferrari

Typhoon in Japan has killed 50 supercars Ferrari

Pacific Typhoon “Gabi” was the cause of the flooding and damage to 51 Ferrari owned by the dealership of the brand, located on the Japanese island of Rokko. According to the owner of the company, all supercars will be sent for recycling, because after the ingress of seawater into the engines cannot be repaired.

“Cebi”, the 21st Typhoon of the season, hit the island a few days ago. The strongest for a quarter century, the cyclone was accompanied by gusts of wind, which speed reached 162 kilometers per hour. According to the newspaper Sankei, despite the measures taken, the water entered the building and climbed to the level of one meter.

At this time in salon there were 53 cars Ferrari, 51 of which are almost completely submerged. The total damage from the Typhoon amounted to one billion yen. The owner hopes that some of the costs will be covered by insurance.

In October last year a fire in Langley, Canada, was destroyed by a collection of 40 vintage cars and pickup trucks, sport – and supercars. The owner of the machines Harry Cassidy collected them the last 30 years and for him it was an irreplaceable loss.

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