Typical story: forest, barn and rare cars

Typical story: forest, barn and rare cars


A video was published on the Web, the author of which discovered an old barn in a deep forest. Looking inside, the man saw dozens of vintage cars covered in rust and years of dust. Among the cars left behind, one can identify rare Porsche, Jaguar and even Lotus. Who owns the abandoned cars, as well as the location of the unique collection, the author did not disclose.

Judging by the first part of the video, there was once a road in the place of the forest. This is evidenced by several old road signs. After some time, the author of the video comes to an abandoned barn near which a rare Nissan Almera is parked under an awning. Looking inside, the man discovered a whole collection of vintage cars, including several Porsche 911 and 365 and various Jaguar models. All cars are covered with a thick layer of dust and rust.

Walking around the building, the blogger caught sight of rare Lotus, Bentley, as well as Aston Martin, Sunbeam-Talbot and other vintage models that could not be identified. Most of the vehicles are in a terrible state. Who is the owner of the unique collection, the author of the video did not disclose.

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