U.S. Automotive Market: 50% of Electric Trains Alone

U.S. Automotive Market: 50% of Electric Trains Alone


By 2030, 50% of cars sold in the United States should be electric cars – this is the goal set by the administration of President Joe Biden. According to an explanatory note released by the White House on Thursday, the president will sign an executive order on that day outlining measures to achieve this goal.

In particular, new fuel efficiency standards will be developed to reduce pollution and prevent further climate change on the planet. Other measures will be aimed at promoting innovation in the automotive industry, as well as creating new high-paying jobs.

“The global marketplace is shifting towards electric vehicles and harnessing their potential to save families money, reduce pollution and make the air we breathe cleaner,” the White House memo said. “Despite the fact that the United States was a pioneer in the development of technology, today it is lagging behind in the race to create similar cars and batteries for them. Today, the US electric vehicle market accounts for only one third of China’s electric vehicle market. The President believes the time has come for the United States to take the lead in electric vehicle manufacturing, infrastructure and innovation. ”

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