U.S. government urges Americans not to pack gasoline

U.S. government urges Americans not to pack gasoline


The southern states of the United States are faced with a shortage of gasoline, which was caused by a cyberattack on the country’s largest fuel pipeline. Many gas stations were empty, which is why worried car owners began to buy as much fuel at once as possible, using improvised containers as containers.

Photos of Americans began to appear on Reddit and other sites, who, in the absence of a sufficient number of canisters, pour gasoline into a variety of large containers: cans without lids, garbage containers and metal drums.

As a result, the authorities had to intervene. In a series of tweets, the US Consumer Product Safety Commission urged Americans to be careful with gasoline and not pack it in plastic bags. In addition, just in case, car owners were reminded not to pour fuel on an open fire.

US Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg in a conversation with the press said that the excessive thrift of some drivers only exacerbates the situation with the excitement at gas stations. He also stressed that “under no circumstances should gasoline be poured into anything other than a car’s gas tank or a certified container.”

At least one car has already fallen victim to the shortage panic. The Hummer H2 SUV, whose owner was carrying almost 80 liters of gasoline at once, burned to the ground, although the fuel was poured into cans. The driver of the “Hammer” received burns, but refused hospitalization. The cause of the fire could not be determined.

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