U.S. wants to end microchip deficit

U.S. wants to end microchip deficit


The country’s authorities propose to increase the production of semiconductor chips within five years.

On Tuesday night, Senate Democratic leader Chuck Schumer unveiled revised legislation that approved a $ 52 billion investment to dramatically increase semiconductor chip manufacturing and research in the United States over five years.

The massive funding proposal will be included in the over 1,400-page revised bill that the Senate is considering this week. It is noted that $ 120 billion is planned to be spent on basic research in the United States and advanced technologies to better compete with China.

“American production has been hit hard by a shortage of microcircuits,” Schumer said. “We just can’t rely on foreign processors to make chips. This amendment ensures that we don’t have to do this. ”

President Joe Biden also called for $ 50 billion in semiconductor manufacturing and research. Funding proponents point out that the United States accounted for 37% of semiconductor and microelectronics production in 1990; today, only 12 percent of semiconductors are manufactured in the United States.

“Our economic and national security urgently needs funding to quickly implement these critical programs. The Chinese Communist Party is actively investing more than $ 150 billion in semiconductor manufacturing so that they can control this key technology, ”said a summary of the bill released on Tuesday.

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