UAZ “hunter” was turned into an electric car

UAZ “hunter” was turned into an electric car


UAZ hunter received a new, completely eco-friendly version. The notorious SUV has become the electric vehicle is true, has developed a new product not in our country.

Electric UAZ hunter was built by Czech firm MW Motors. So he has his own original name – MWM Spartan.


But externally, the “train” is virtually identical to the normal UAZ hunter – the difference lies is that in the front part, instead of the standard grille installed new panel-end cap (also have the bumper guard, but he is, apparently, optional).

As for basic characteristics, instead of the outdated gasoline engine ZMZ elektroas uses an electric motor which is powered by batteries with a capacity of “56 to 90 kWh”. Thus in terms of patency of the car has not changed: it is still equipped with all wheel drive with reduction gear.

MW Motors note that hunter on batteries is addressed to farmers, workers in the forestry and mining industries, which often have to ride on the road.

MWM Spartan debuted in versions of left-hand and right – hand drive- past will be sold in the UK. Now the car passes the test, and according to the plans of developers as soon as they are finished, the electric car will go on the market. As expected, in Europe the novelty will appear at the end of the year.


In addition to an electric SUV, MW Motors has introduced a conventional, diesel UAZ hunter RHD. It was developed especially for Albion.

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