UAZ potrollit Tesla himself became an object of ridicule

UAZ potrollit Tesla himself became an object of ridicule


Controversial design of the electric Tesla pickup truck Cybertruck many haunted. Although since its debut, it’s been almost a month, the novelty continues to actively Troll.

Could not resist the banter and Ulyanovsk automobile plant. On his page in social network “Vkontakte” UAZ published one of his concepts, which noted the similarity to the appearance of the Tesla Cybertruck.

We are talking about the prototype cabover van UAZ-3770. This car was developed in 1976, and it was radically different from the produced “Loaf”.


The van had a brutal appearance and a sharp body shape, making it in some ways really similar to Tesla Cybertruck. Moreover, the car had the integrated rear spoiler that by the standards of the Soviet era of stagnation was a serious technological solution.

As for the technical part, UAZ-3770 had to provide the usual engine UMZ-421, solid axles, gearbox, transfer box and dependent suspension. Overall the car was interesting but, like many other Soviet projects in the series, he never went.

Summed up your post UAZ frankly humorous proposal, saying that for us these machines in the past, whereas for others the future. But did not remain in debt and the subscribers page of the Oise, which said that then automaker could use to do normal zinc body and install a spoiler on a SUV UAZ Patriot, to the trunk did not flow water. Over the last proposal, the plant promised to think about.

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