Uber is a robot in Lviv

Uber is a robot in Lviv


After consultations with the Lviv city council, the Uber team made a decision to restore the service in Lviv to ensure the possibility of transporting donations and humanitarian aid.

Safety is the next priority:

  • The service is not guilty of vicariously for personal trips (so the stink is not imminent);
  • Take care of the carriages of the city government – trips without special permission for changeovers during the curfew hour (22:00 – 06:00) are not allowed;
  • Volunteers and community organizations can win a service for the transportation of essential items;
  • If you can smell the lilacs, joke around. The axis of sending to the map of Ukraine in the region.

If you need to use Uber to transport goods as needed, you can get a cost-free, vicory code LVIV15*. Uber does not charge any service fees.

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