Uber launches new type of work in Europe: part of the cost of their work on additional assistance to Ukrainians

Uber launches new type of work in Europe: part of the cost of their work on additional assistance to Ukrainians


Uber is among quiet light companies that are actively involved in the process of helping Ukraine in the war againstn occupiers. The carrier announced about the launch of the function, as a help to pick up the money.

At the same time, in front of some other light brands, as if they are trying to sit on two pillars at the same time, Uber directly describes the situation as “invasion of”. The company is actively helping to fight the humanitarian crisis.

On the official website you can easily find the following information:

“This week we are launching a special function “Uber for Ukraine” in addition to Uber in 75 locations in 15 countries of Europe. This feature allows Uber drivers to choose an option for their trip, which includes a surcharge for support for assistance in Ukraine. The contributions are sent to the International Committee of the order, which supports the internal displacement of people in the middle of Ukraine, so quiet, that the disturbances move to the dry lands, to escape the war, ”to go to the warning.

The option to become additional before the launch of other projects of the company, for example:

  • The Uber Donate option is available in the US, which allows you to donate money directly. The won has already brought in over 2.8 million dollars. Soon the same button will be added for European countries.
  • Free Uber rides on the Polish border. This initiative promotes the transfer of refugees from the Polish cordon to other European countries.
  • Transportation of humanitarian aid, including food products and essential goods.
  • Uber is also step by step innovating the work in Ukraine. So, in Lvov, the company has already restarted its services with an emphasis on helping practitioners and providing assistance and providing humanitarian assistance. In addition, the company informs about the renewal of the robot in Vinnitsa, and also to launch the robot in Ternopil and Chernivtsi first.
  • All payments charged for Uber trips in Ukraine at the current time will be charged to the water – Uber does not charge any commission.
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