Uber Shuttle stops working in Kiev

Uber Shuttle stops working in Kiev


The Uber company announced the closure of the Uber Shuttle service in Kiev after 2.5 years of operation. Work will end on November 19.

“After 2.5 years of Uber Shuttle in Kiev, we made the difficult decision to terminate this service from November 19. We sincerely thank the users and partners who have been with us this time, ”Uber said in a statement.

At the same time, UberX and Uber Comfort services, operating in the taxi format, will continue to operate in the capital.

The company clarified that unused balances of packages valid until November 19 will be returned to the users’ cards with which the payment was made. For those who purchased the packages with cash, the payment will be refunded in the form of Uber credits. They can be used to pay for other services of the company in Ukraine.

Recall that in 2019 Kiev became the first city in Europe where Uber launched the Shuttle service. This is a cross between taxis and minibuses – branded minibuses run on schedule along predetermined routes between sleeping areas and the city center. They can only be accessed by Uber users who register for a ride through the app on their smartphone.

The main advantage over traditional public transport is that passengers travel exclusively in seated places, while comfortable temperature conditions are maintained in the cabins. But the prices are also higher – from 20 to 45 UAH, depending on the distance of the trip.

During the April quarantine, the Uber Shuttle suspended operations in Kiev, but in May the cars returned to the routes.

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