Uber: the new transportation rules

Uber: the new transportation rules


Uber has introduced additional safety measures for all who provide its services and uses them in Ukraine. This company went in ahead of the expected surge of orders due to the weakening of the quarantine, said the press service.

The company said that this week will automatically check the wearing of masks by drivers and couriers. And every time before going out on the route. Passengers will also have to prove that wearing masks. This will need to take a selfie with virtualization technologies built directly into the app.

Uber said that the driver, for which there is no mask or other protection will not be able to go to work. The company will also require the drivers confirm that they accept additional security measures. For example, regularly disinfect their cars. And provide disinfectant hand sanitizers to their passengers.


Users in the app will receive a reminder about security measures before you travel. The company asked their customers to wear masks and handle hand sanitizer. It is recommended to sit in the rear seats of the car and keep the Windows open for ventilation.

New security measures Uber launches Monday, may 18. They will act before the end of June. Then expected to revise them in line with current recommendations from local health authorities.

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