Uber will help Hyundai to create a network of flying taxi

Uber will help Hyundai to create a network of flying taxi


The two companies have unveiled the concept of “air mobility” for the big cities.

In anticipation of the opening of the exhibition Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas Hyundai and Uber shared the details of the joint conceptual project called Urban Air Taxi “City taxi”. In the framework of the Hyundai undertakes to create a vehicle that could be that most taxi.

The draft tiltrotor Hyundai S-A1 is equipped with several screws to reduce the load on each of them, reducing the noise level and fault tolerance. All-electric tiltrotor designed for a cruising speed of 290 km/h and altitude up to 600 m, capable of recharging to fly up to 100 km and to take on Board up to four people, not counting the pilot. In the future it is planned to make the aircraft fully Autonomous.


In turn, the firm Uber has committed to develop a essential for the functioning of the new system of taxi infrastructure. Accordingly, the company will have a fair fight against bureaucracy: currently, any air flights, especially over cities, are connected with many restrictions. In addition, Uber is planning to create and adapt a specific Hyundai aeroplane landing area, the passenger “drives” and other infrastructure components, that is, in fact, to develop a miniature airports.

Hyundai are confident that the new project is able to “transform the concept of urban transport, to revitalize urban community and to provide residents with more free time.” Uber, in turn, said that the Union production capacity of Hyundai’s technological platform is a giant step towards the launch of a network of air taxi in the coming years. The specific timing of the project thus not yet known.

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